Activity Approvals

Girl Scouts love to get out and do fun things! Leaders are encouraged to find new adventures for the girls as they grow and achieve new levels of interest. There are many places to get ideas, we have lots of ideas on this website in our resources section and on our Leaders Share forum but our best resource is each other. You’ll meet other leaders at the monthly service unit leader meetings. We also have a service unit team member dedicated to helping leaders plan and implement new adventures. Her name is Consuelo Quintanar and she’s our Activity Consultant. She can help with ideas and advice, and she’s the one who signs your Activity Approval form.

Ideas of where to Camp and Get OUTDOORS!


What form do I need? What training should I have? Please consult What Form? What Training? from the back of the activity approval. All the forms can be found by searching in the search box on the council Forms Page. You may have to search by terms because some of the forms have been renamed in the website update.

Check out the new Safety Page on the new council website. Here are all the NEW council forms to use. Please download these and delete the old ones:

**NEW** Activity Approval:

Permission Slip:

Accident/Incident Report:

Permission to Give Over-the-Counter Medications: PGO-0041W Perm Give Over Counter Meds

Safety Activity Checkpoints

The safety activity checkpoints – one for each type of activity – are on council’s website. Look up just the one you need or browse around, it’s up to you, you click on the activity on this matrix.. They’re current, they’re easy to read, and they’re easy to get to. These checkpoints replace the SafetyWise book. They are also conveniently linked to from the NEW Activity Approval

Activity Approval Form

Activity approvals are needed for sleeping, climbing, and water activities, among others. See the form for a list of the activities that require this form. Complete the form, attach the permission slip and roster of who’s attending, and send it to our Activity Consultant for approval. Note: When you fill in the form, be sure to list the trained adults – we can’t approve it without this information!

Activity Approval form 

Permission Form

A permission form needs to be signed by the parent of each girl participating in any event that’s outside of the regular meeting place and time. This includes troop field trips, service unit events, and council events.

A copy of the permission form (no parent signatures, just the one with the event data) also needs to go to the Activity Consultant. Even if an activity approval form is not required, it is still important for the troop to submit the permission form so ACs can track progression.

Permission Form (fillable pdf)


You are covered by Girl Scout insurance, paid for by your yearly dues, when you are at your meeting site and when you are away from your meeting site and have sent a permission slip out to your parents and the activity consultant. Some events need extra insurance like trips and events that might have unregistered girls or parents attending. Usually your activity consultant will remind you about that but you can look it up on the council website on the insurance page. Here you’ll find a link to the forms that help you order the insurance online at a low daily price from Mutual of Omaha, the girl scout insurance company.

Permission to Give Medications

This form is handy to have parents fill out at the beginning of the year. It allows you to use sunscreen on one of the girls and to give out common over the counter medicines that might be in your first aid kit. I always take it on field trips, overnights and trips.

PGO-0041W Perm Give Over Counter Meds


Accident Report

Here’s a form that you should have in your first aid kit! If you ever have an accident during a troop or service unit event that you’re running that might involve a visit to a doctor or dentist or emergency room you should fill out this form. Also if property gets damaged when you’re on Girl Scout property or a vendor’s property that needs to be repaired. I make sure I have one at every event and camp trip I run as well as for regular troop activities. It goes back to Sandy Sultz and helps the girl’s parents get reimbursed for billable medical expenses related to the accident and helps us fix things that are broken.

Accident Report


Anyone driving Girl Scouts on a field trip is required to become a registered member. This risk management step has been put in place to ensure all drivers are aware of the policies and procedures of Girl Scouts, can adhere to the Girl Scout Promise and Law, and are covered under basic insurance in case an accident were to occur when they were participating in a Girl Scout event. They must have car insurance, as their car insurance is their primary liability in case of an accident.

Each driver should complete the Transporting Girl Scouts form. The leader of the activity keeps these on-hand in case of emergency.

Water Activities

Because of where we live, we’re in the water a lot! Here’s some information about how to do water activities within Girl Scouts guidelines:

Backyard pool parties
Open water adventures