Camping, Trips and Travel!

We have two Troop Tripping Workshops coming up on February 13 (EPC) and March 21 (Balboa). Remember, this training is now required for leaders of troops undertaking advanced travel plans. Advanced travel is defined as three+ nights, involving air travel, or out of state/country. Please attend if your troop is considering traveling in the next 2 years—the earlier the better! The class focuses on early planning strategies to set troops up for success while avoiding common pitfalls.

Camp registration is open! There are sooo many exciting camps this year—it’s going to be the Best. Summer. EVER! Sessions are already beginning to fill, so encourage your girls to consider their many options and sign up soon. You can learn more at

Please consult with me as your girls make plans to spend cookie proceeds. Often the “big goal” activities they choose are the ones that require an Activity Approval Form! Make sure you know which activities require approval. Here is the current  Activity Approval Form for your convenience; make sure you use only this version dated 6/4/2012.

Debbie Lechner
Sunnytrails Activity Consultant
619 421-3582

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