Thinking Day 2018

Leaders – It’s time to start thinking about Thinking Day! Feb 24th, 2018 from 2-4pm Download Registration Flyer HERE

See what countries have been taken HERE.

The Sunnytrails International Thinking Day Celebration is one of our girls’ favorite events each year. Thinking Day is when Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all around the world think about their sister scouts in other countries. It falls right in the middle of cookie sales so it is crucial to start planning early for this event.

At our annual event, troops select a country to represent at the Celebration. The girls in the troop work together to create a booth representing their country and they often like to wear costumes or hats representing the traditional clothing in their country. Troops select between serving small food samples, teaching a craft, or leading a game to the other troops in attendance at the event.
Check this spreadsheet to see what countries are taken already and get your registration in to Angie to reserve the country your troop wants!
Here are some examples from other year’s events:

At the event we like to start with a “parade of countries” when the girls carry the flag of their country and/or a sign. Then it’s time to visit the booths! We typically divide our troops into two groups so that one group gets to visit the other troops’ booths while the other group stays at your booth to share it with the other troops at the event. It is a fantastic, educational day and one your girls will look forward to every year!


4 thoughts on “Thinking Day 2018”

  • Hello Angie,
    Our little group of independent Ambassadors of 3/ 4 girls would like to do Syria. ( A new WAGGS country)
    Cindy Snyder

  • Hello Angie
    Troop # 6540 is super excited to be part of your event. They will love to learn more about Spain and their beautiful culture. Please sign us up for Spain for our country.

  • Hi Diana,
    The registration form is up now. You can download that and send it to Angie. You can also click on the spreadsheet link above and add your name to the list and choose your country.

  • Hi Angie,
    Troop 5216 would like to sign up for international thinking day 2017. Our troop would like to reserve a county ASAP. Please contact me at my email so I can sign our troop up.
    Thank you.
    Diana Fieck
    Troop 5216

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