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CHULA VISTA — With the first peal of the recess bell at Clear View Elementary School, fifth-grade teacher Sherrie Jancasz marched her students out to the soccer field. There, she threw three hula hoops onto the grass and instructed the kids to practice casting into them with two oceangoing fishing rods brought along for the purpose.

There was not a fish — let alone a drop of water — in sight, but no matter. The Astonishing Anglers Fishing Club was officially in session.  read more



Every year for nearly 20 years, Sherrie Jancasz rewards five students with a fishing trip through the Rod and Reel and the Partners in Education programs.

This year at the 34th annual Day at the Docks event on Sunday, April 21, the general education teacher at Clear View Elementary School will be the one rewarded for her longevity in the San Diego Rod and Reel Club.

Jancasz has been a member of the club since its inception in 1982, so this recognition means a lot to her.

“It’s a thrill of a lifetime,” Jancasz said. “I can’t believe it.”

Catherine Miller of the San Diego Sportfishing Council said Jancasz has shown a dedication to both the club and the kids.

“She religiously volunteers to take the kids out during the weekend on her own time,” Miller said about Jancasz.

The Rod and Reel Club is presented through the San Diego Sportfishing Council to introduce children to the world of fishing.

Partners in Education promotes education through fishing.

Jancasz started her own fishing club with Rod and Reel in the 1990s. She started the membership club after hearing about it from several colleagues. She said once she got started, she was reeled in.

“It was love at first sight,” Jancasz said. “I got literally hooked by taking the kids out and seeing what it’s like for them to experience fishing.”

Jancasz named her fishing club the Astonishing Anglers of Clear View; she said whatever school she is teaching at usually adopts the second half of the name.

Five students who are in good academic standing get to go fishing with Jancasz on the Daily Double boat or The Premier, both donated for the day by two captains associated with Partners in Education.

The trip is free of charge for the students.

Jancasz said she incorporates learning on the fishing excursion.

The students learn weights by measuring the fish, they learn how to follow directions to reel in the fish and learn not to be selfish to catch a fish, Jancasz said.

She said she wants to show kids that there is more to life than video games and electronics, she said fishing does this.

“Turn the cell phone off, go out and spend some time with your family doing something where you can’t leave instantly, where you get to spend time and focus on each other.”

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