January 19, 2012 Service Unit Meeting Recap

Led by Claudia Silva

Meeting Begins:
Flag Ceremony –  Troop 5222
Introducing our new VSC, Shelley Guerin   vsc@gssunnytrails.com
Consuelo’s Corner is open for questions and Angie Lutz will sit with the new leaders to answer their questions.
Girl Announcements:
Community Clean Up, January 21, Troop 5063, Trish Riley
Skiing trip to Big Bear- Troop 5967, Golda Sanders – – FULL
Cookie Sales Reminders & Updates – Traci Emerick –
Cookie Sales Announcements:
1. Booth Sale Lottery is this weekend, Jan 21, 10am to 2pm: Veterans Elementary School, 1550 Magdalena Avenue, CV 91913
2. Troop ACH Forms due in eBudde by Friday Jan 28th  – Leaders – make sure this is done so Council has access to cookie funds.
3. TCM’s must take te VIP eTraining 75 question test before cookies can be released on delivery day.

Virtual Troop  – making a Project Hand Food Bank Recipe Book– Katie W. recipes@gssunnytrails.com; more info to be posted on website; great community service/leadership project for troops working on Its Your Planet JourneyUpcoming Events:
Troop Trip Training – Jan 24th, 6-8 pm, Elks Lodge by Deb Lechner (planning a trip in the next 1-3 years?)
Website Design –  Jan. 22, 1 – 4 pm or Jan. 26, 6 – 9 pm, Deb Lechner lechner@cox.net.
Thinking Day –  Feb 25 @ Otay Ranch HS, Deb, postcards – www.mythinkingday.com, WAGGGS activity package http://www.worldthinkingday.org/en/activities10    27 troops signed up so far!
Heritage Tea Celebration  – Mar 11th ; Need a troop to take this on – volunteers?
100th Anniversary Sunset Celebration  – Mar 12th; Countywide event; 6pm; Coronado Beach; Deb Lechner
Joshua Tree Spring Break Camp –  Mar 25 – 29, Juniors & Cadettes, Deb Lechner lechner@cox.net
Sweetwater Summit Encampment –  April 27 – 29, Deb Lechner, see website for info  2/2, 3/1, 4/5  meetings
Bridging into the Next Century Event at Disneyland. May 27th, 2012 Consuelo Quintanar con.murillo@cox.net
Registration & Financials – time to start thinking about getting these done for the next year! Remember: girl must be registered to participate in cookie sales & you need at least one registered adult at site salesCommunity Events:
Girl Scout Tickets to Events at Valley View Casino Arena – discount flyers on back table (Jennifer Chavarria)
Service Unit Team Reports:
SU Team Managers:   Consuelo Quintanar managerSrAmb@gssunnytrails.com
Claudia Silva managerjrcad@gssunnytrails.com  Angie Lutz managerdbr@gssunnytrails.com
Product Sales – Nuts & Cookies: Traci Emerick 271-8727 productsales@gssunnytrails.com
Council news:  Volunteer Support Coordinator  Shelley Guerin vsc@gssunnytrails.com
Membership Development Coordinator Ana Luisa Ponce – mdc@gssunnytrails.com
Finances: Beth Ann Coleman treasurer@gssunnytrails.com Final paperwork was due June 15, 2011
Registrar: Dawn Garrigus registrar@gssunnytrails.com Pick up forms & drop off: 2637 Coyote Ridge Terrace 91915
(Re-registrations are done online. New registrations are still done by paper forms with a dues summary attached.
Drop off paper forms in the box in front of Dawn’s house. She will deliver them to Council.) Reminder: no cash
Recruitment/Membership: Dolly Purificacion membership@gssunnytrails.com
Website (www.gssunnytrails.com): Debbie Lechner  website@gssunnytrails.com Send spirit stick photos!
Activity Consultant: Debbie Lechner activityapproval@gssunnytrails.com   ph. 421-3582
Recognitions: Michelle Echevarria recognitions@gssunnytrails.com
Assembly: Consuelo Quintanar  con.murillo@cox.net

Next service unit meeting: February 16th @ Elks Lodge, 7pm.
San Diego Girl Scouts www.sdgirlscouts.com  Sunnytrails Service Unit www.gssunnytrails.com

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