New Executive Leadership Committee for Sunnytrails

I’m really happy to announce that we now have three service unit managers to serve you! Jessica Carreon will be the manager representing Daisy and Brownie leaders, Michelle Echevarria will be the manager representing Juniors and Cadettes and Debbie Lechner will be the manager representing the Seniors and Ambassadors. We are all part of the Executive Leadership Committee for the service unit. We’ll be working together to create balanced girl programming, provide volunteer support, and create a community presence in our service area.  We’ll be talking more about our specific roles at the service unit meeting on August 19th at the Elk’s Club at 7pm. We hope that by sharing the management duties that you’ll get the best of all three of us: lots of experience and our unique perspectives and that you’ll always be able to get answers to your questions when you need them!

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