It’s Your Planet – Love It!

Overview: This Journey series tackles issues like preserving the world’s water supply, conserving energy, how food choices impact the environment and appreciating the environment and our planet’s resources. In every Journey, girls will accept a challenge to take the lead in protecting the planet.

  • Daisy Girl Scouts – Take to the road in Between the Earth and Sky and explore sunshine, fresh air, colors and shapes.
  • Brownie Girl Scouts – Wow! Through the Wonders of Water journey, girls will learn to love water, save water and share what they know.
  • Junior Girl Scouts – Get Moving offers endless energy in all its forms and functions, plus ways big and small to Energize, Investigate and Innovate.
  • Cadette Girl Scouts – In Breathe, girls focus all of their senses on air – explore everything from noises to air pollution to air quality.
  • Senior Girl Scouts – Learn about the global food network and determine what’s really best for people and the planet in Sow What.
  • Ambassador Girl Scouts – In Justice, girls create a brand-new equation for environmental justice.

What has your troop done for one of the “It’s your Planet – Love it!” Journeys? Please leave a comment below and share what worked for you.

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