Cluster Encampment – Canceled

There was a Rainbow Cluster Encampment scheduled at the end of March and we’re pretty sure that it’s been canceled, which leaves Winacka available on that weekend if any troops are interested in troop camping. Call Jackie in the resource room for reservations.

3 thoughts on “Cluster Encampment – Canceled”

  • my understanding is that cabins will be available to older girls only for a month. After that they’ll open them to everybody. So, the soonest you contact Jackie and reserve the better!

  • Can I get information on the Rainbow Cluster Encamptment that was cancelled? Whether there are cabins available and how much they are? We are a troop of 7 girls.

  • You need to call council and talk to Jackie in the Resource Center to reserve the cabins. They are different costs depending on which are you pick. The camp was scheduled at Winacka.

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