Reserving the Elk’s Club

The Elk’s Club is an amazing facility and a terrific partner with Sunnytrails. Noemy Martinez is a Sunnytrails Leader and member of the Elk’s Club, she is our contact at Elk’s Club and is happy to put us on the calendar and reserve one of the spaces there for us. Noemy’s email is Request the date as early as possible by filling out this handy form: Elk’s Club Request.  If you decide to cancel your event or your troop is going on a field trip and not meeting that week, PLEASE let Noemy know at least 48 hours in advance! She plans her day around our meetings scheduled at the Elk’s Club and we don’t want to ever waste her time by not showing up. Days never available to scouts are: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (if it’s rented to a private party) and previously scheduled events.