San Francisco Bridging

One of the most exciting things a Junior troop can do is to travel to San Francisco and do their bridging to Cadettes across the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge! This year 2015 registration information will be released on the Nor Cal Girl Scout website no later than September 30th 2014. It’s a travel project that takes about a year to plan and is incredibly rewarding. The Bridging Ceremony will be May 2nd 2015! I’m going to be running a session about planning the trip at the Volunteer Conference and Celebration and then I’m running a full WORKSHOP about planning to travel to San Francisco for Bridging on September 13th, 2014, 3-5pm at the Bonita Public Library, 4375 Bonita Road Bonita, CA 91902. Email and let me know if you’d like to come, it’s $5 per person.

Several troops in Sunnytrails have made the journey. We’ve set up a Facebook group for San Diego leaders who are making this trip with their girl scouts. You are welcome to join and network together. The url of the page is: and the name of the group is “San Diego Girl Scouts Bridging in San Francisco”

Troop 5152 put on a few workshops to help train other troops and guide them on this exciting adventure. Here is a link to the Insiders guide to SF Bridging_2015 powerpoint we used in our presentation this year. You’re welcome to show it to your troop or parents. Here are their tips and guidelines to help you make the trip: Insider Guide to San Francisco Bridging

go to Insider's Guide to San Francisco Bridging
Click here to enter the Insider’s Guide to San Francisco Bridging

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