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In the Spring of 2007 we organized a Cluster train trip to LA to explore the fashion district, eat dinner in Chinatown and come home. The trip was part of our work on the IP Fashion Designer.

Shopping the 90-block LA Fashion District may seem like a daunting task, but with a few simple hints you will soon be on your way to finding some amazing bargains. Be sure to get a free copy of the official LA Fashion District map guide and lots of other information.
• Many stores are wholesale-only (solo mayoreo). Signs will be posted on the outside if they are not open to the general public. Occasionally, (generally on Saturdays) some wholesale-only stores will sell to the general public – don’t be afraid to ask!

• Many stores do not accept credit cards and only take cash.

• Bargaining is encouraged. Store owners are more likely to lower the prices if you buy more than one item.

• Most stores do not have formal dressing rooms. Dress in layers so you can slip things over your clothes to try them on.

• Merchandise varies from day to day. If you see something you like – buy it now, it may not be there later.

• Choose merchandise carefully – many sales are final and sold “as is,” meaning the merchandise will be sold in its current condition.

• Public restrooms are limited. See the LA Fashion District map guide for exact locations.

• Luggage strollers come in handy when making large and numerous purchases.

• The LA Fashion District is 90 blocks – wear comfortable shoes and clothing!

Here is the Cost breakdown and our Itinerary

Cost (We spent about per girl which included each shopping money)

for adults ( AAA discount)
for kids ( AAA discount) but only 2 kids per adult at this price
(call 800 1477 to get price)


We recommend the Empress Pavillion Restaurant in Chinatown for dim sum. Dim sum costs C .75, B .10 and A .30 per plate, typically we share several plates and get to eat a variety of little snacks that way. If you stick to the A and B plates it’s a pretty inexpensive meal.

Bus/Other transportation
DASH bus only .25, Day pass for METRO line buses and subway only or .25 each trip..(.75 for one metro ride and 2 bus trips)
Bus runs till 5pm!! Make sure you’re up near the station by then!!


6:30am meet at Amtrak San Diego (bring bag breakfasts or money for café car)
7:05am departs 9:50am arrives in Los Angeles
catch the DASH bus from Union Station to the Fashion District or stroll through Olvera Street Mexican shops, get taquitos for an early lunch then take the DASH bus (DA from Union Station to E bus at 7th and Flower to the Fashion District)

Shop the Fashion District! 90 blocks to explore, download the mp3/ipod podcast tour of the fashion district and take the tour..stopping to shop along the way.

3:00 Take the DASH bus to Chinatown for an international dining experience. We like the dim sum at Empress Pavillion, 3:30pm.

Walk through Chinatown toward Union Station..walk through Olvera Street shops watch Mariachis and entertainers here open till 7pm

6:00pm meet at Union Station
7pm leaves 9:40pm returns to San Diego


Here is a slideshow of our trip:

We had a great time!

Other troops have gone to LA to attend a matinée of a Broadway show, or visit one of the studio production facilities in Hollywood or the valley. We’ve heard that it’s lots of fun to go to LA after Christmas and work on one of the Rose Parade floats, they need lots of volunteers!

Disneyland is actually in Anaheim not LA. There is a great girl scout “house” your troop can rent there and save money on a hotel! Contact the Orange County Girl Scout Council for more information.

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  • If you drive, park at Joe’s Parking on Maple Street (off of 7th). It is a flat fee of $6 for all day. The parking structure’s charge on a per 15 minute or 30 minute basis.

  • I would like to be on the distro list for information on the trip planning-looking like I will have 7 or 8 cadettes this year!

  • Hello Ladies- Troop 5009 will be hosting the “Shop ’til You Drop” trip to LA and then heading to Hollywood for some fun sightseeing, good eats and great museums. The date is Sat, November 19th and the cost is $40 per person. There are only 52 seats, so we will sell tickets on a first come, first served basis. I sent an email to Deb and Beth Parry today, so hopefully they will send an email blast to our entire SU soon. If you have any questions, please email me at Thanks and have a cheetahlicious weekend!

  • Yay! I think we should do it! We’ll talk about it when we start having service unit meetings and decide on the time of year that we want to go. This would be fun!

  • Sounds like a ton of fun. I will have 8 Cadettes this summer and I’m sure they’d all love to go! Keep me posted. Thanks!

  • Yes, I think my girls would be interested in this. It sounds like alot of fun!

  • This is the itinerary for a trip we took several years ago but Consuelo and I were talking about maybe organizing one for the spring. Are you interested?

  • Is there a day when several troops are aiming to do this? Or is this just a general itinerary of how to make a trip such as this? I did not see a date on this post?


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