Girl Scouting is open to every girl age 5-17 who accepts the Girl Scout Promise and Law and pays $25 in annual membership dues. Becoming a new member is easy! Simply go to the San Diego Girl Scout Website and register online on the new council website. Here’s a handy sheet called Membership Renewal for Parents and Guardians  and Membership Renewal Quick Start Guide for Troops that explains how to do it!

Our membership year goes from October 1, 2017 to September 13, 2018.

  • If you would like help paying for registration please let your leader know and she will fill out the  OpportunityFundForm_NewMemberReg and turn it in to the VSC.

Our Registrar is Myrna Takai She is in charge of re-registering troops for the Sunnytrails service unit area: Chula Vista and Bonita east of I-805, North of Olympic Parkway, and South of I-54. Registrations can only be completed online . If you are interested in joining girl scouts and you live in our service unit area: Chula Vista and Bonita east of I-805, North of Main Street, and South of I-54, then plan to come to one of our round ups to find out about Girl Scouts, volunteer opportunities and about forming a new troop or joining an existing one. Our next round up will be in August. Watch for flyers to come home from your school.

If you do not live in our service unit but are interested in joining scouts in another part of San Diego County contact our council at: (619) 298-8391
(800) 643-4798