Fall Encampment!

Today was the lottery for the 2011-2012 encampments. Consuelo and I went to pick for Sunnytrails. There are 4 camps in the rotation. 2010-2011 we got Balboa (the June 3-5 encampment), Next year we get Whispering Oaks and we picked October 14-16. It should be a beautiful fall weekend. You can go to Julian to pick apples and get apple cider and pie during your free time or on Sunday. It should be really lovely! It’s the weekend after the kids are back in school, so it won’t interfere with vacation. We’re thinking of making this a Brownie/Junior encampment. Brownies in cabins, Juniors in tents.

We will see if any of the cabins at Winacka free up and we could invite Cadettes to stay there or to come up and tent at William Heise Park. We’ll probably have a second encampment at the “new and improved” Sweetwater Summit in the spring. Maybe the last weekend  April 27-29 2012. That would be nice because older girls can camp and the Daisies can come for a fabulous daycamp!

We’ll be putting these dates and much more on the 2011-2012 calendar when we brainstorm together April 7th at 7pm at Casillas School. Please join us and make sure we put the things that your girls enjoy on the service unit calendar!

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