Letters and Cards for WWII Veterans

Hello Ladies- My girls will be collecting letters and cards for WWII Veterans from now until Sept. 10th.  Girls, parents, family members, neighbors, etc. can write letters to WWII Veterans and they will be shared with the veterans during the Honor Flight (see the touching video below, it makes me teary eyed!)  My girls will be collecting letters at the August service unit meeting or you can drop them off to me.  See more information below from Honor Flight San Diego.

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FROM HONOR FLIGHT SAN DIEGO:We need letters please from all of our Scouts, families and the community for the “Mail Call” that will take place on this October’s upcoming Honor Flight. Our country’s heroes are transported from San Diego to Washington DC to visit their memorials at no cost to the veterans, with priority given to WWII survivors and terminally ill veterans.  During the flight, each veteran receives a package of letters written by individuals, such as yourselves, thanking them for their incredible service to our nation.   Once again, Girl Scouts will help facilitate the collection of letters and cards, and we hope to include items from ALL of our GirlScouts and families!

We need hundreds of letters & cards to be written!  Younger children can draw flags or color a pre-made printed thank you card.  Older children and adults can write a general letter that begins, “Dear WWII Veteran”, then thank the veteran for their service to our country.  Younger children/scouts should only include a first name and a Troop # if applicable, unless a parent/guardian gives permission to include a full name.

Please be creative and please be mindful that the letters will bring both smiles and tears, as the “Honor Flight Mail Call” is a very emotional part of the journey to Washington DC.    Please take a moment to watch this video and share it with others: 

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