Sunnytrails Meeting Agenda – January 17, 2013

Sunnytrails Service Unit Meeting Agenda

January 17, 2013 – Led by Consuelo Quintanar

Check out our website for more details on events you hear about tonight!

Meeting Begins:
Flag Ceremony –
Babysitting – compliments of Bianca Hernandez, suggested donation of $3/child
**Claudia is in the back of the room for questions and help with checking registrations.**

Troop/Girl Announcements:
Father-Daughter Dance “A Night in Paris”  – hosted by Consuelo’s Troop; February 10th,
College Road Trip – March 25 – 30th, High School Girls, non girl scouts welcomed.

Cookie Sales – Traci Emerick.
Cookie Series, January 18, Feb 4, 11 & 25  – Parkview Elementary by Blanca Santos (Council MDC)
December SU Meeting Re-Cap – Junior & Cadette leaders – Badges Worshop- Claudia Silva
Financials- Due again April 15th, please make sure to be working on them. Contact any of the manager if need help.
Patches for both Holiday Parade and Service Unit Kick Off should arrive shortly. we will let everybody know so you can make plans for pick up. Otherwise they will be here at the next Service Unit Meeting.

Upcoming Events:
International Thinking Day – February 17, at Balboa Program Center Cabins 1 & 2, 2pm – 4pm  Jobs & food, game or craft. Register first and then you’ll be sent a link to pick a job & then select your country and food, craft, or game booth.
Website Workshop- Troop website workshop, Feb 28th. Bonita Library 6-9pm- Deb Lechner FREE
Rollerskating- After cookies Party! Troops of all levels welcome. Skateworld, March 16 10:30-12:30 $12.00
Daisy-Brownie Encampment- May 24/25 or 25/26 Escondido Program Center. Flyers in the back, e-mail if interested.
Yosemite Trip – Late June, 23-28, 6 days in Yosemite; being planned by Troop 5283 Consuelo Quintanar

Mini Training on Money Earning Projects and Use of Troop Funds (Part 1)  – Consuelo Quintanar
Service Unit Team Reports:
SU Team Managers: Consuelo Quintanar;
Claudia Silva; Angie Lutz
Product Sales – Nuts & Cookies: Traci Emerick 271-8727
Council news: Volunteer Support Coordinator – Daniela Arizaga
Membership Development Coordinator – Blanca Santos –

Finances: Beth Ann Coleman Financials PAST DUE! Drop off at 736 Creekside, CV 91914

Registrar: Dawn Garrigus Re-registrations are done online. Troop leader (01) can add new girls and adults online.  Registration deadline is September 30th.

Website ( Debbie Lechner Send spirit stick photos!
Activity Consultant: Debbie Lechner ph. 421-3582
Recognitions: Michelle Echevarria
Assembly: Consuelo Quintanar

Next service unit meeting: February  21st @ Elks Lodge, 7pm.  2012-2013 SU Meeting Dates: (all at 7 pm, Elks Lodge) 3/14, 4/18, and 5/16.

It’s Cookie time, we wish all troops a successful  Cookie Season 2013!!

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