Sunnytrails Meeting Agenda – March 14

Sunnytrails Service Unit Meeting Agenda

March 14, 2013 – Led by Claudia Silva

Check out our website for more details on events you hear about tonight!

Meeting Begins:
Babysitting – compliments of Bianca Hernandez, suggested donation of $3/child
**Angie & Consuelo are in the back of the room for questions.** Please be sure to pick up your Holiday Parade and Thinking Day Patches at the back of the room. Also, we have a laptop available for loading photos from Thinking Day.

Troop/Girl Announcements:
Bridging Workshop for Juniors – Andrea Quintanar. May 7 or 8; 6-8 pm; $12/girls; Sample MEdia journey, hear about destinations, Silver Award…..
American Girl Series – for Junior Girl Scouts, open to troops and individual girls as well as Independent girls. 6-week series on Fridays beginning April 5th, $5/session.  Earn two badges in this interesting series. Crafts, games, foods. Focus on girl planning. Opportunities for a few cadettes to help….
She & Me Zumba –  Troop 6347; Saturday, April 27th, 9:30 – 11:30 am; Salt Creek Elem; $10/girl and $5/mom; includes Zumba dance, water & snack, patch, picture, and pipe cleaner rose ring for mom. Contact Stephenie:

Financials- Due again April 15th, please make sure to be working on them. Contact any of the manager for help.
For more information:
**Leaders – remember that your girls should be spending their troop $$ on events and activities with program value.**
Cookies – Use of cookie money discussion.
Sunnytrails Bridging – Traci Emerick. May 18th, 10am Mountain Hawk Park.

Upcoming Events:
Rollerskating- After cookies party! Troops of all levels welcome. Skateworld, March 16, 10 – 12, $12.00. deadline 3/1
Calendar Planning for 2013/2014 year: April 11th; 7 pm @ Panera Bread, Otay Ranch Town Center
Junior & Cadette Badge Workshop-  April 27th,Claudia Silva, planning meeting tonight.
College Road Trip – March 25 – 30th, High School Girls, non girl scouts welcomed.
Daisy-Brownie Encampment- May 24/25 or 25/26 Escondido Program Center. Planning meeting tonight.
Leader’s Appreciation Dinner:  May 30th at Sweetwater Summit; 6 – 9 pm; save the date & invite co-leaders, cookie moms, special troop parents.
Yosemite Trip – Late June, 23-28, 6 days in Yosemite; being planned by Troop 5283 Consuelo Quintanar. Reserved campsites; 36 max; $270/girl.

Breakout session for planning meetings:
Junior & Cadette Badge Workshop –  meet with Claudia
Daisy & Brownie Encampment –  meet with Consuelo

Service Unit Team Reports:
SU Team Managers: Consuelo Quintanar;
Claudia Silva; Angie Lutz
Product Sales – Nuts & Cookies: Traci Emerick 271-8727
Council news: Volunteer Support Coordinator – Daniela Arizaga
Membership Development Coordinator – Blanca Santos – mdc@gssunnytrails.comFinances: Beth Ann Coleman Financials Drop off at 736 Creekside, CV 91914Registrar: Dawn Garrigus Re-registrations are done online. Troop leader (01) can add new girls and adults online.

Website ( Debbie Lechner Send spirit stick photos!
Activity Consultant: Debbie Lechner ph. 421-3582
Recognitions: Michelle Echevarria
Assembly: Consuelo Quintanar
Next service unit meeting: April 18th @ Elks Lodge, 7pm.  2012-2013 SU Meeting Dates: (all at 7 pm, Elks Lodge) – 5/16.

3 thoughts on “Sunnytrails Meeting Agenda – March 14”

  • Hello, my name is Elisa and my daughter is the only Junior in our troop. We are interested in attending the next cluster meeting. Are you accepting Juniors who will be bridging to Cadette soon?

  • Hi Linda,
    Thanks so much for contacting us. I’ve sent you a personal email that should answer your questions and resolve your issues.
    Have a good day,

  • I need help. Who do I need to tell that I am Leader-01 in the service unit, I am not receiving any emails about service unit meetings. I really didn’t plan on missing any but I seem to check the website after they have passed. I know that they are being sent to last years leader for our troop but she is not forwarding them to me. I have been managing the troop and I am sure that I am the one who is leader 01.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

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