Cookie Training Dates

Time for Cookie Training. I hope everyone has picked a cookie mom or dad for this exciting year. Our cookie training well be on Dec 21st and 28th.
Held at First United Methodist church  915 Paseo Ranchero.
Returning mom’s 6:00 – 7:00 PM
New mom’s 7:00 – 8:00 pm
PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING THE CERT FROM, I can not train you without this cert. But you don’t need to print out all the color certificates just do all the trainings and click on “history” and print that single b & w page that lists all the training you’ve completed.
Please e-mail me and let me know which day you will be attending. I am also going to have training in early Jan but your orders for cookies are due by Jan 15, so please try to come to the Dec meetings
Have a Happy and Safe Holiday !!!!
Traci E.

2 thoughts on “Cookie Training Dates”

  • Traci is working on getting a site for a final cookie training in January. We’ll send out an email to leaders and post it here on the website as soon as it’s confirmed.

  • Hi Tracie,
    I have a few leaders asking me about cookie training. I am still out of town and cant seem to send out emails, (so I’m trying to send it thru our website). Would you be able to send out a blast email thru Beth Perry? I should be back soon, so if your not able, I’m hoping that I will get connection soon…


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