eCookie Training is Beginning!

Hello Sunnytrails Cookie Moms,
Well it is cookie time again. This year you must do some etraining first before coming to my training. Please complete the online training and don’t firget to print the cert at the end. YOU MUST BRING IT WITH YOU TO MY TRAINING CLASS.    If not I can not train you.
Plan ahead and give yourselves some time to register and complete the module.

To start etraining you will need to request a password:

1. Go to
2. Click “Request Access”
3. Fill out your information – Council = Girl Scouts of San Diego.
4. Click “Request Access”
5. Check your email for your password. Don’t forget to check the Spam box too.

When you have your password you can start training!

1. Go to
2. Use your email address and your new password to login and get started.
3. Click on the Council module (#5)
4. Click each step in the purple box on the left side of the screen to complete the module.
5. When the module is complete, click on the “My History” tab at the top.
6. Print your history report** and take it with you to your TCM training.

Thank you,
Traci Emerick

Sunnytrails Area Cookie Manager

2 thoughts on “eCookie Training is Beginning!”

  • Have her do the online training and print the “history” at the end (not all the little certificates). Then watch your email for a message about a training in January. We’re looking for a location now and will let you know when we’ve got it confirmed.

  • Hi,
    I am so sorry we have missed the cookie training meetings. Our cookie mom needs info-should I have her fill out the module for ecookie training? and then what? turn in forms to you?? thank you for any info.

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