Ski Trips

Two troops are planning ski trips for older girls. Melissa is planning a trip for the weekend of Feb 4-6, staying at Camp Wrightwood and skiing at Mountain High for $165. Linda’s troop is planning a trip Feb 19th going up on a bus for the day for $88. Both trips include lift tickets, skis and a lesson. Look for more information about the trips on the website and in emails coming soon.

Flyer for Feb 19th trip is here

Flyer for Feb 5-7th trip is here

2 thoughts on “Ski Trips”

  • Thanks for the reminder Golda. I just posted a link to the flyer for the trip on Feb 19th and sent an email to Missy asking for more info. I’ll post it as soon as I get it.

  • We are interested in going on the ski trip. When can we expect the information, as there is 1 month to the trip?

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