Encampment Theme Idea!

I’m getting excited about our encampment, scheduled October 14-16 at Whispering Oaks. Since I’m involved on the San Diego Council’s 100th Anniversary Planning committee,
I’m thinking about a 100th Anniversary Theme for the encampment! It might have things like this:

Show the Golden Eaglet movie, badges then and now, learn the “Daisy Song” and other Juliette Gordon Low songs, have Juliette Gordon Low visit us and have tea with the girls and share about her life,  learn semaphores and Morse code, earn a badge from the 1913 handbook, make pressed flowers and make a card with a pressed Daisy, embroidery, paper dolls, tea/manners with white gloves, women then and now, painting small canvas or tea cup, helping others, how to make a Daisy chain, Kim’s game, make lemonade, pomander balls, badminton, croquet, golf, marbles, hoops, charades, blind man’s bluff, anagrams, enigmas, conundrums, dominoes, jacks, impromptu plays – melodramas, board games like checkers, chess and backgammon or make your own board game, big hair bows, picnics, making doll clothes, scrapbook/card/decoupage or make calling cards, stamp collecting with display of scouting stamps, music, country dancing/square dancing, household chores & getting ready for tea– ironing and polishing silver, table setting and arranging flowers, SWAPS – Daisy theme, 100th anniversary theme, Juliette Gordon Low stuff.

There are more ideas of what to do to celebrate the 100th Anniversary on the Council website and on this list of 100 Ideas This encampment would probably qualify us to get the commemorative patch too!

What do you think of that? email or leave a comment below, I’d love to get your feedback! We’ll talk about the theme idea at the August Service Unit meeting.


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