Are You Bridging?

This time of year troops start to look for older and younger troops that they can complete bridging requirements with. I thought this post could be a spot where you could connect. Just leave a comment letting us know what level you are and what levels you’re looking for and an email address where they can contact you. Let’s see if we can get troops connected.

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8 comments on “Are You Bridging?
  1. Leslie Moore says:

    Sorry–the last comment didn’t include my email address.

    Leslie Moore
    Troop 5169

  2. Leslie Moore says:

    Hi–I have volunteered to organize the Bridging Ceremony for the Service Unit. My whole troop (3rd grade Brownies) will be bridging. We need to find a Junior troop to work with to complete our requirements. I am not sure how to do this. Any suggestions?
    It is only about 5 weeks until the Ceremony. I would like to plan to meet sometime soon. Is anyone else out there interested?

  3. Edelynne Austria-Gavino says:

    Our Brownie Troop is bridging over as well and we’re also looking for another Brownie Troop to fulfill the requirements. We have 8 girls in our troop.Please contact myself and my co-leader, Evelyn Mones.

    Edelynne Austria-Gavino
    Troop 5521

  4. Jessica Carreon says:

    We’re a group from Daisies-Juniors. We have a few girls from each level. Let us know if we can help. We also have a couple girls bridging this year, so we’re looking for a troop to meet the requirements with. -Jessica Troop 5092

  5. Jessica Carreon says:

    We’re a group with Daisies-Juniors. We have a few of each levels, so if we can help please let us know. Also, we have a couple girls bridging this year, so we’re to need help as well.

  6. consuelo says:

    Kristine, here is a link where you can find all the requirements for earning the bridging award

  7. Kristine Porto Madurski says:

    Sorry! In my excitement, I entered my email address incorrectly. Here it is:

  8. Kristine Porto Madurski says:

    Hi! We’re a Brownie Troop bridging to Juniors this upcoming year, and we’re looking for a Daisy and Junior Troop to work with for our bridging requirements. If you anyone could help us out, please contact me. Thank you!

    Kristine Porto Madurski
    Troop 5009