February Service Unit Meeting Recap

Sherrie Jancasz left her purse on the floor when she was helping to stack chairs after the meeting last night and after she left she realized that her phone is missing. It’s black and was clipped to her purse. It may have gotten knocked off as everyone carried chairs around. If you or your daughter picked it up and put it someplace or saw it last night, could you please let Sherrie know? sjancasz@sbcglobal.net
We covered lots of information in the meeting! I’ve posted photos from the ski trip and father daughter valentine dance on the website: https://www.gssunnytrails.com/news/photos/ A big THANK YOU to Missy’s troop for organizing the ski trip and to Teresa and Consuelo’s troops for organizing the dance!
Other items that were on the agenda:
One of our older girls is starting a Mother Daughter Book club targeted for girls ages 11-14 for her Silver Award Project. If you and your daughter love to read and would enjoy talking about some great books and the life lessons they inspire then please email brentandlisaadams@sbcglobal.net for more information. It begins April 16th from 12-1pm at the Chula Vista Public Library.
Two other Cadettes are running a Bridging Workshop for Juniors on May 6th. They’ll be providing all the activities you need to do before bridging including doing a Cadette activity with Cadettes, learning about Cluster and Destinations and planning your bridging ceremony. The workshop will include a snack and a patch for only $12. Contact Andrea at con.murillo@cox.net if you are interested in getting more information.
Gwen Balcolm’s troop is organizing a celebration of Earth Day at Rohr Park on April 30th 9-12. They plan to structure the day around Journeys projects at every level. If you’re interested in getting a little help starting your Journey, come and have a wonderful day loving the planet with other girl scouts.  Contact Gwen’s troop at rbalcom@cox.net if you are an older troop interested in helping with the celebration or a younger troop interested in coming for the celebration. There will be a $5-8 charge for materials and the facility.
Consuelo has talked the White Water Rafting outfitters into offering a special “less rigorous” white water rafting opportunity for younger girls age 10 and up concurrently with the trip that she is running for older girls. If you have Juniors who would like to take advantage of this tremendous adventure have them contact Consuelo at  con.murillo@cox.net. The girls can go as individuals, they don’t have to go as a troop. The trip is June 7-10 and costs $315
Traci Emerick’s troop is putting on a Brownie Science workshop on March 26th. It’s just $10 for some fun hands-on science experiments and earn parts of two science try-its. Contact Traci for more information: troop5015@yahoo.com
Sandy Sultz came from council and talked about the girl scout camps that are available during our short summer. There are over 20 resident and day camps that our girls can attend this summer and they’re hoping to add more next year. Check out the council website to read more about all the choices: http://www.sdgirlscouts.org/camp/ Sandy is currently acting as our activity consultant. If your troop is planning a trip, overnight, horseback ride, biking, rock climbing, swim or boat trip you’ll need to send her an activity approval: http://www.sdgirlscouts.org/forms/all/PGO-0023-W.pdf contact Sandy at: ssultz@sdgirlscouts.org
The Spring Registration Campaign is beginning. The goal is to re-register at least 70% of your troop (and 70% of our service unit) and encourage your girls to introduce other girls to girl scouting by inviting them to bring a buddy to a service unit-wide recruitment event. We’ll be handing out registration materials at the April meeting and helping you to register your girls online at our May service unit meeting. As an incentive your troop will get a girl scout tablecloth and the service unit will get half off an encampment for next year!  If you have an idea for a recruitment event or would like to help us plan a bring a buddy event for girls at your level please email me Debbie Lechner lechner@cox.net.  We’ll have more information about our recruitment events at the March Service Unit meeting.
The next Brownie Daisy Polynesian Encampment meeting will be March 10th. Check the website for the check list of things to talk to your troop about before the meeting:  https://www.gssunnytrails.com/eventsactivities/polynesian-daisy-brownie-encampment/ and please bring a representative from the troop to do some girl planning and voting at the next meeting. We’ll be collecting checks. It’s $30 per attendee and we would like to have your final numbers by March 10th so we can begin to order patches, make SWAPS and organize the food and crafts.Contact Deb Lechner if you have questions: lechner@cox.net
We’ve got exciting news about our International Thinking Day Faire! Council has asked if they can use our event to launch the festivities for the Girl Scout 100th Birthday centennial celebration! We’ve got girls dressed in old uniforms marching in the parade and we’ll have a special visit from our Mayor Cheryl Cox who will be issuing a proclamation about Girl Scouts and Carol LeBeau of Channel 10 and Katie Sullivan from the Girl Scout board joining us at 12:30 for a short presentation. We should have lots of media coverage. Girls in costumes and in uniform will be most likely to be asked to get into photos. Please check with your parents to make sure that it’s ok with them if their daughter is on camera for the paper or tv coverage.
You may be aware that Chula Vista is also celebrating its centennial this year. I was thinking that it would be fun to explore a little of our local her-story and find some of the women who were in girl scouts in Chula Vista in the past 100 years. Would you please ask neighbors and friends at church and school and see if we can find women who would like to share photos and stories about being girl scouts in Chula Vista? Send me their names and contact information, Debbie Lechner lechner@cox.net Maybe we could have a Her-story tea and invite some of them to speak to us. Maybe we could put together a collection of photos to submit to the Chula Vista Historical Society and make a tri-fold to display during this centennial year at some of our more public events. Maybe girls would like to contribute squares to make a centennial quilt. There are lots of ideas of things that troops could do to help the city celebrate: http://www.chulavista100.com/get-involved-in-the-chula-vista-centennial on the city’s centennial website. Let me know if you’d like to help me organize something!
Debbie Lechner
Jessica Carreon
Michelle Echivarria
Sunnytrails Leadership Team

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