Caroling at Eastlake Village

Come Caroling in our Snowfall!
Everyone will be enchanted by the magical nightly snowfall in December 2011 at Village Walk atEastLake.  Schools, churches and not-for-profit organizations scheduled to bring caroling groups to walk through the Village Walk atEastLakewill receive donations!

Each night, between the 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. snowfalls, a caroling group will be escorted through the center to sing Christmas carols.  Each scheduled caroling group will receive a $100 donation from Village Walk atEastLake.

If you are interested in scheduling your group, please fill out and return the Community Caroling Participation Request Form to Nancy R. Walters, Very Special Events, Phone: 800-214-3020 Email:

This counts as a money earning project, so if you decide you’d like to sign up and earn the $100 then you also need to fill out a money earning project application and give it to one of the managers, Consuelo, Claudia or Angie, before the October 20 or November 17th Service Unit Team meetings (which start at 6pm at the Elk’s Club).

We check to make sure that your troop financials are
done, that your troop is registered and that you participated in cookies in 2011.
Caroling will count as one of your money earning projects for the year.

Kindergarten Daisies do not participate in money earning projects.
1st grade Daisies and Brownies get one (in addition to nut sales, cookies and recycling, so this will be your one),
juniors get two,
cadettes, seniors and ambassadors get three, to go beyond the three
additional money-earning projects, Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Girl Scouts
must participate in the Fall Nut Sale and Cookie Program and be working toward a specific goal.

We have a nice downloadable Carol Songbook on our website under resources.

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