Chula Vista has a Tall Ship! Bill of Rights


Chula Vista has a tall ship, called Bill of Rights, docked at the J. Street Marina on a permanent basis! The ship is 136 feet and holds 75 people! They offer a sail out to the bay and back (about 3-4 hours) for Girl Scouts for only $15!! They offer an overnight (for about 20 people) and the next day you sail out to the bay and back for only $50! They are really excited to get girl scouts interested in sailing and can tailor the program to talk about maritime history, marine biology, marine ecology, sailing techniques, navigation and even pirates!


A group of Boy Scouts is working on restoring an old boat and they have another one that Girl Scouts could work on. They have community service opportunities and have some small boats that they can teach sailing in. Such a great resource in our own backyard!! feat_education8

The schooner has a website where you can learn more about the ship and the kinds of programs they offer.

Contact them at (619) 500-2419 or email at
(Tell them Debbie Lechner sent you!)




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