Girl Scout Council Support Staff

For Service Unit 668 Sunny Trails

Customer Care
(619) 610-0821,

– How do I complete my daughter’s registration for the troop she wants to join?
– How do I know if I’m registered and background checked?
– How do I transfer girls into my troop?
– I’m not even sure who I should contact about my questions!
– How do I confirm adult volunteers in my troop are background screened?
– Is my background screen current? How do I complete it?

Regional Recruitment Specialist (RRS)
Marlyn Carrillo: ext. 817

– What are the requirements for volunteering? I want to start a troop!
– I’ve never been a Girl Scout, but my daughter wants to be one! So … what is Girl Scouts?
– I’m a new Membership Recruiter (MR) — what do I do?
– What opportunities are there for those who want to be involved with Girl Scouts but can’t be in a troop?
– I can’t find any available troops for my daughter. What are our options?
– I’m looking for a troop in my community, where do I start?
– I’m forming a new troop and my friend would like to be co-leader. Can you explain?
– Some friends and I want to start a troop. What does that involve?

Troop Support Specialist (TSS)
Elisa Villarreal, K to 5: ext. 781
Steph Dawes, 6 to 12: ext. 792

– How do I open a troop bank account?
– What do I need to do to go camping with my troop?
– I’m having an issue in my troop — some parents don’t get along. Can council help?
– My troop is new and I don’t know where to start. Can someone give me clarity?
– My company would like to partner with Girl Scouts to become a community partner!
– I would like to disband my troop — with whom do I discuss this?
– A girl in my troop would like to go to an event but cannot afford it. Can council help?

Service Unit Support Specialist (SUS)
Kate Googins: ext.768

– What events can my troop attend in my community?
– How do I complete my Service Unit (SU) volunteer training?
– I’m having a problem communicating with my Service Unit (SU). Who can I talk to?
– What is our SHARE goal this year?
– What are our membership goals this year? How can my Service Unit (SU) partner with council to achieve these goals?
– Do you have any ideas for running Service Unit (SU) leader meetings?
– I see an open position in my Service Unit (SU) team. Can I get some details?

Finance Support Specialist (FSS):
Ava Thai: ext. 750

– Why can I not access my troop bank account?
– What do I need in order to do a money-earning project?
– How can I reconcile a discrepancy in my troop financials?
– hy is my troop on the Ineligible to participate list (ITPL)?

Volunteer Services:
Dayana Silva-James, ext. 771

– I am interested in volunteering for a special event (OTM, Urban Campout, etc.). Who do I connect with?
– Who could tell me about the alumnae association?
– How do I find more information about delegates and the governance process?
– How do I nominate and endorse a volunteer for a recognition award?

Adult Learning:
Sandy Sultz, ext. 814
Iris Gerber, ext. 741
Kaija Marshall, ext. 779
Holly Strum, ext. 719

– Where do I get help with online class registration?
– Can I take First Aid or CPR elsewhere?
– Are any classes offered in Spanish?
– How do I become a trainer?

Balboa Campus
1231 Upas Street (Balboa Park), San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 298-8391

Escondido Program Center (Kit Carson Park)
3050 Las Palmas, Escondido, CA 92025
(760) 740-2670

North Coastal Service Center
5315 Avenida Encinas, Suite 100, Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 444-9011

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