Girl Scout Council Support Staff

For Service Unit 668 Sunny Trails

Customer Care
(619) 610-0821,

– How do I complete my daughter’s registration for the troop she wants to join?
– How do I know if I’m registered and background checked?
– How do I transfer girls into my troop?
– I’m not even sure who I should contact about my questions!
– How do I confirm adult volunteers in my troop are background screened?
– Is my background screen current? How do I complete it?

Regional Recruitment Specialist (RRS)
Marlyn Carrillo: (619) 610-0817  ext. 817

– What are the requirements for volunteering? I want to start a troop!
– I’ve never been a Girl Scout, but my daughter wants to be one! So … what is Girl Scouts?
– I’m a new Membership Recruiter (MR) — what do I do?
– What opportunities are there for those who want to be involved with Girl Scouts but can’t be in a troop?
– I can’t find any available troops for my daughter. What are our options?
– I’m looking for a troop in my community, where do I start?
– I’m forming a new troop and my friend would like to be co-leader. Can you explain?
– Some friends and I want to start a troop. What does that involve?

Troop Support Specialist (TSS)

Troop Support Specialist K-5 Vanessa Erickson (619) 610-0781
 Troop Support Specialist 6-12 Vanessa Erickson (619) 610-0781 . (until replacement found)
 Troop Support Specialist 6-12 Steph Dawes, 6 to 12: ext. 792

– How do I open a troop bank account?
– What do I need to do to go camping with my troop?
– I’m having an issue in my troop — some parents don’t get along. Can council help?
– My troop is new and I don’t know where to start. Can someone give me clarity?
– My company would like to partner with Girl Scouts to become a community partner!
– I would like to disband my troop — with whom do I discuss this?
– A girl in my troop would like to go to an event but cannot afford it. Can council help?

Service Unit Support Specialist (SUS)
Service Unit Support Specialist Jennifer “Dot” Mains (619) 610-0800

– What events can my troop attend in my community?
– How do I complete my Service Unit (SU) volunteer training?
– I’m having a problem communicating with my Service Unit (SU). Who can I talk to?
– What is our SHARE goal this year?
– What are our membership goals this year? How can my Service Unit (SU) partner with council to achieve these goals?
– Do you have any ideas for running Service Unit (SU) leader meetings?
– I see an open position in my Service Unit (SU) team. Can I get some details?

Finance Support Specialist (FSS):
Ava Thai: ext. 750

– Why can I not access my troop bank account?
– What do I need in order to do a money-earning project?
– How can I reconcile a discrepancy in my troop financials?
– hy is my troop on the Ineligible to participate list (ITPL)?

Volunteer Services:
Dayana Silva-James, ext. 771

– I am interested in volunteering for a special event (OTM, Urban Campout, etc.). Who do I connect with?
– Who could tell me about the alumnae association?
– How do I find more information about delegates and the governance process?
– How do I nominate and endorse a volunteer for a recognition award?

Adult Learning:
Sandy Sultz, ext. 814
Iris Gerber, ext. 741
Kaija Marshall, ext. 779
Holly Strum, ext. 719

– Where do I get help with online class registration?
– Can I take First Aid or CPR elsewhere?
– Are any classes offered in Spanish?
– How do I become a trainer?

Balboa Campus
1231 Upas Street (Balboa Park), San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 298-8391

Escondido Program Center (Kit Carson Park)
3050 Las Palmas, Escondido, CA 92025
(760) 740-2670

North Coastal Service Center
5315 Avenida Encinas, Suite 100, Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 444-9011