Golden Gate Bridging

In the Teen GSLE part of this website we have extensive information about Bridging in San Francisco: If you are a troop considering bridging in 2011, you need to start serious planning now! Sunnytrails leader, Linda Kelly, shared this updated information with me about the event this year:

Thank you very much for your interest in Golden Gate Bridging 2011.  We
are very excited for this upcoming event and thrilled that you are
interested in joining us this year!

I am very sorry for the delayed information about this event.  We have
been in the process of trying to determine a lot of logistical issues
due to the construction project and have been reluctant to release
information early in case of changes.

GGB 2011 is scheduled for Saturday, May 7, 2010.  This date will not
change.   The online registration for GGB 2011 will open on November 30,
2010 at 10am.

The Doyle Drive Construction Project(aka Presidio Parkway) is a one
billion dollar construction project redoing the entrance to SF off the
Golden Gate Bridge and the Presidio and is impacting the area we use for
Golden Gate Bridging and impacting the parking available for next year.
Unfortunately, due to the construction project we are not able to
release detailed information about the event until we have more details
worked out with the construction timeline.  We hope to have more
information in the next month and at the latest by the registration
opening date.  We appreciate your understanding and patience during this
time as we make every effort possible to ensure the success of this
event!  To find out more information on the Doyle Drive Construction
Project please visit<>

The registration opening date for GGB 2011 is being pushed back this
year until we can determine the logistics of the event to ensure that we
can serve as many people as possible.  The online registration for GGB
2011 will not open until November 30, 2010 at 10am.  Due to the high
number of participants, we do not accept paper registrations for this

The girl/adult ratio set last year due to construction will be enforced
this year as a way to serve as many girls as possible.  Unfortunately,
no exceptions will be made to this policy.  GGB a troop/ troop leader
event not a Mother/Daughter event and this is the only way we can ensure
to serve as many girls as possible.  At maximum groups can bring 1 adult
for every 3 girls (at a minimum, please follow Safety Wise standards for
your group).  We recommend that extra adults have a Mom day in SF while
your troop enjoys the event.  Extra adults are not permitted to meet
groups at any point in the event.   Thank you for complying with this
policy and helping us ensure that we can serve as many girls as

We recommend that out of area troops do not pay for reservations before
registering for the event to ensure your group can attend the event.
GGB sold out in 7 days last year and we are pushing back the
registration to allow troops more time to determine their final numbers
with the girl/adult ratio with the hope of serving more girls.  We hope
this extra time helps troops determine their final numbers.

Hotel offers for GGB 2011 will be posted online by September 30 along
with as much event information as we can release at this time.  Please
continue to check the web links below until the registration date for
updates on the event.  We wish we had an exact date that all of our
logistic questions will be answered but this is not the case and I
cannot express how much I appreciate your flexibility and patience.  We
are doing everything possible to create the most amazing event while
serving as many girls as possible within the limits of the construction

General information for GGB 2011 will be posted in the next few days at This web page we
also have the registration link for GGB on November 30, 2010 at 10am.

Information on how to plan your trip is available at This
link will also have special hotel offers and information on the local
Hostels towards at the end of the month.

Please check with your home council regarding the training they require
you to take for this type of trip.  If usually involves the Event
Director training and the GS Core Trainings (3 trainings for leaders and
you should have completed this your first year).  Each council may call
these trainings something different and I am not sure what SDI

We are excited to see you next year.

Have a wonderful day!

Thank you,

Melanie Johnston
Program Director
Girl Scouts of Northern California

Greater Bay Area Oakland Office
7700 Edgewater Dr. Suite 340
Oakland, CA 94621-0149
T: (510) 562-8470 x217 or
(800) 447-4475 x217
F: (510) 633-7925