Open House at Camp Winacka and Whispering Oaks

June 19th 1-4pm
You don’t need to RSVP or bring anything special, except for good walking shoes and maybe a sun hat or sunscreen and a water bottle. They usually serve lemonade and cookies in the dining hall and that’s a good place to start your tour. They have camp counselors there to take groups out on a walk to see the cabins and the layout of the camp. I recommend that you take a look at both camps, Whispering Oaks and Winacka, they are different though they both offer the same types of wonderful programs. My girls both loved the rustic Camp Winacka (there are horses there too) and went back there year after year but Whispering Oaks is a little more “plush” and compact if your girls are little and thinking about going to camp for the first time.
We’re having our encampment at Whispering Oaks in October, so seeing it will be helpful when you start planning the trip this fall with your troop! You’ll know how long it will take to get up there and you’ll know how to find “Chocolate Lake” and where to find the path to take the girls up to see the stars at night on lookout point!
I mentioned in the service unit meeting that I always loved taking a little note in a film canister up to camp during the open house and hiding it someplace so that when my girls were up there I could give them clues in my letters that would lead them to the “surprise”. I also liked to take photos of them up at camp during the open house because no matter how many times I sent them with disposable cameras to camp all I ever got back were photos of squirels and out of focus dark pictures at the final campfire! At least I had something to put in the scrapbook that way. I also turned some of the photos into postcards that I’d address and stamp and send those with the girls to send to grandparents and to me when they had some quiet time to write. Do you have any tips that helped to make camp more fun for your girls? Please leave a comment below and let me know!
I hope you’ll go up as a family and take a look around at our beautiful mountain properties, it’s a great opportunity to see what fun your girls will have this summer!

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