Outdoor Gourmet Campout April 17-19

Happy New Year Girl Scout Troops!
Camper Council  20 minute meeting right after this Thursday’s Service Unit meeting.
This April 17-19, 2015, Sunnytrails will be putting on an Outdoor Gourmet Camping Weekend at Sweetwater Summit Campground. This weekend will be a great chance to have troop camping fun mixed in with practicing and sharing some fun outdoor cooking methods.
Dutch oven? Box oven? Solar oven? Taco in a bag? Pocket dinner? What is your troop’s favorite camp cooking recipe and method? Does your troop want to try a new outdoor recipe? Join other Sunnytrail troops April 17-19 to demonstrate and share your cooking.
This Thursday, January 15th, after the Sunnytrails Service Unit meeting, we will have a 20 minute camper council. This is your chance to learn more about the weekend, share your ideas, have input in planning the weekend, sign up your troop to attend Outdoor Gourmet, and sign up for kapers! Sunnytrails does not have an encampment this year, so this is a fun opportunity to have troops of all levels gather around a campfire, sing a few songs, and have some fun.
Some initial details: Outdoor Gourmet will be open to all troop levels who have the required training. Each troop will need to submit their own activity approval. Each campsite can accommodate up to 8 people, so larger troops will receive 2 sites next to each other. Cook as many meals as your troop likes – – we are close enough that you can have a parent bring pizzas or sandwiches, etc for dinner if you want to keep it simple. We can take up to 150 for this event. Sign ups are this Thursday, January 15 and full payment will be due at the February SU meeting. Additional questions? E-mail Claudia at troop5026@gmail.com.
See you Thursday!

Claudia Silva
Troop 5026

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