Outdoor Gourmet Wrap Up

I had a great time at the Outdoor Gourmet Encampment and I hope you and your girls did too.  I want to say a big thank you to each one of YOU for the terrific job you did creating wonderful displays and recipes. The cookbooks are ready. I passed them out at the November SU meeting. Let me know if you’d like to pick them up before the January meeting, you are welcome to come by my house and pick them up.

It looked like all the girls were engaged and having fun and there was so much wonderful information and plenty of food at each of the stations! It was everything I had hoped it would be. If you didn’t turn it in already please bring your evaluations to the service unit meeting. It really helps me to hear your good ideas and suggestions to plan an even better event next time. I’m already looking forward to doing something at Sweetwater Summit when it opens that wonderful new section of the park in the spring.  Maybe we should have our Earth Day Fair out there in April?

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