February 19, 2015 Service Unit Meeting Agenda

Sunnytrails Service Unit Meeting Agenda

February 19th, 2015 – Led by Trish Riley

Check out our website for more details on events you hear about tonight! www.gssunnytrails.com

Babysitting: Provided by Troop 6057, suggested donation of $3/child

Flag Ceremony: by Troop 6344 we are taking sign ups for flag ceremony

Troop/Girl Announcements:

Junior Badge Workshop-March 21, Troop 5026

Outdoor Gourmet- April 17th to 19th Troop 5026- Event is Full- Payment Due Tonight-Meeting

tonight after general meeting.

Thinking Day- February 21st Individual Troop Thinking Day this year

Jr Badge Workshop- March 21st Troop 5026

Thinking Outside the Box-March 31st Troop 6057

Roller Skating-April 11th Troop 5283 Consuelo

Songfest-April 12th -Jennifer Chavarria

Outdoor Gourmet-April 17th to 19th, Sweetwater Summit Troop 5026 Sold out

Sunnytrails Calendar Planning Meeting- 7pm McMillan Library

Earth Day Projects- April 25th 10:00 to 2:00 at Otay Ranch Town Center- Deb Lechner

Cosmic Bowl- April TBT 5-7pm Heidi Russell

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner-May 28th-Sweetwater Summit-Jennifer Chavarria & Heidi Russel

Bryce/Zion Canyons Summer Camping- June 22-27, 2015 Stacy Becerra & Consuelo Quintanar

Updates from Council Representatives

Cookie Sales Update: Cookie Sales Team

New Wells Fargo Representative Robert Perez Robert.perez4@wellsfargo.com located at

the 444 Hst. Branch in Chula Vista. Contact him at the branches main line 619-426-7694.

Service Unit Team Reports:

SU Team Managers: Trish Riley managerSrAmb@gssunnytrails.com;

Susan Leibold managerjrcad@gssunnytrails.com; Marie Golembesky managerdbr@gssunnytrails.com

Volunteer Support Coordinator – Jennifer Maldonado vsc@gssunnytrails.com

Membership Development Coordinator – Blanca Santos mdc@gssunnytrails.com

Fall Products Sales – Traci Emerick troop5015@yahoo.com

Finances: Dolly de la Rosa Kania treasurer@gssunnytrails.com

Registrar: Laarni Verdolin registrar@gssunnytrails.com: www.sdgirlscout.org/register

Website (www.gssunnytrails.com): Adelina Dequito website@gssunnytrails.com Send photos!

Activity Consultant: Consuelo Quintanar activityapproval@gssunnytrails.com ph. 253-9977

Travel Pathways Regional Coordinator: Debbie Lechner, lechner@cox.net, www.gssunnytrails.com/travel

Recognitions: Jennifer Chavarria & Heidi Rusell recognitions@gssunnytrails.com

Cookie Sales: Adrianna & Lisa Johnson

Next Service Unit Meeting: March 19, 2014 7:00 p.m. @ McMillian Elementary

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