Service Unit Meeting Mini-Trainings

Every month at our service unit meeting we offer short mini-trainings on a variety of subjects. If you’re interested in something special please let our managers know! Games, conflict resolution, self esteem, What to do instead of Screaming! Information you can use with older and younger girls.

Visit the new council page about Training and Support for access to the new training calendar and new digital resources.


4 thoughts on “Training”

  • Hi Linda,
    San Diego Council offers all the trainings you need! You’ll need core leadership training and level training. Since you have so many different levels in your troop you may want to start with the level where you have the most girls..or ask several different parents in your troop to register and take the different level trainings so that when your troop breaks up to work on journeys or badges that you’ll have an adult trained at each level to work with the girls. You’ll also want to get first aid/cpr training so that you can go on field trips. That’s offered at council or at the red cross or in the south bay at SWC through the Crown Cove Aquatic Center on the Silver Strand (great free class! you only pay for the book and certificate!) You’ll also want to take our “outdoor training” so that you can take the girls camping! Let’s Camp allows you to cabin camp, attend encampments and council Adventure Camps, Let’s Cook allows you to teach the girls outdoor cooking and fire building. Let’s Tent allows you to do “rustic” camping at state parks and beaches. We also have a series of backpacking training that you take with your girls if your older ones are interested in that! Finally, we have a terrific training called Troop Tripping that you need to take before you start traveling with your girls. Many Junior troops consider bridging in San Francisco when they bridge to Cadettes and Troop Tripping will give you the skills to help them plan that kind of trip. There are other great enrichment classes given at council to help you learn new songs, teach them archery and take them on the challenge course, do ceremonies and much more! Our council even has some great training online that you can watch from home..and it’s all accessible from the trainings page on the council website. Let me know if you have other questions.
    Deb Lechner

  • I am new/returning troop leader ( it has been at least 25 years since my last troop ) Where do I get the training that I need to bring my skills up to the 21st century? I have a mixed troop, brownies, juniors, cadets.

  • That’s a great question Sandie! Dolly is a trainer who’s a leader in our service unit and I think she’s willing to give a class if we have 10 leaders who are interested and available. How about emailing her and seeing if she has a date available and then passing around a sign up sheet at the service unit meeting? I’ll bet we can get something down here for you.

  • Is there any way we can get Brownie leadership and camp training for the newer troop leaders and co-leaders, instead of waiting for an opening (which fills up fast) in Balboa? In other words, can a trainer come to us?
    Thanks so much

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